Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of Mauritius Companies?
Mauritius has two main types of company through which you can conduct international business – a GBC1 Company (Offshore Company) and a GBC2 (International Company).

What is the main difference between a GBC1 and GBC2?
A GBC1 has access to and can benefit from Mauritius’ network of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties, while a GBC2 (also known as a International Company) cannot. Additionally a Mauritius GBC2 Company is exempt from all taxes on income derived outside Mauritius.

Are there any shelf companies available in Mauritius?

Does a GBC1 and GBC2 Company require a company Secretary?
Yes, a company secretary is required for both GBC1 and GBC2 Company.

What is the language used in legislation and corporate documents?
English & French

Are there any restrictions on ownership of a GBC1?
No. A foreigner can own 100% of a Mauritius GBC1.

What is the minimum number of shareholders required to form a GBC1?
A minimum of one shareholder is required, who can be of any nationality and need not be resident in Mauritius. Corporate shareholders are permitted.

What are the minimum capital requirements for a GBC1 Company?
There are no minimum capital requirements to form a GBC1 Company.

Do I need a Registered Office for a GBC1?
Yes, the Registered Office must be in Mauritius at the address of a licensed management company or law firm

How many directors must a GBC1 have?
A minimum of 1 director is required for all GBC1 companies. The Director must be a natural person. However, to benefit from the Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTAs) a minimum of 2 local directors is required.

Does St Lawrence provide nominee director service?
Yes, we provide nominee director services.

What are the compliance and maintenance requirements for a GBC1 company in Mauritius?
GBC1 must fulfil the following compliance and maintenance requirements:

  • Registers of members and directors need to be maintained at the Registered Office.
  • Minutes of meetings must be maintained at Registered Office.
  • Prepare and file annual audited financial statement with the Financial Services Commission.
  • Maintain principal bank account in Mauritius.
  • Accounting records must be kept and maintained at Registered Office.
  • Administered by a management company licensed by Financial Services Commission.
  • Meetings must be in Mauritius to benefit from the DTAs.

How private is a GBC1?
There is no public register of directors and shareholders for this type of Company.

Is there any restriction on trading?
There are no strict restrictions for companies holding GBC1 licence. However, the following are the laid out rules for a GBC1 for conducting business in Mauritius:

  • A GBC1 can conduct business of banking and insurance and can solicit funds from the public. However they must acquire a license for this.
  • A GBC 1 can rent a property in Mauritius.
  • It can take professional advice.
  • It can also employ local labor.
  • All business conducted must be in foreign currency.
  • Are there any restrictions on ownership of a GBC2?
    No. A foreigner can own 100% of a Mauritius GBC2.

    How many directors must a GBC2 have?
    A minimum of 1 director is required for a GBC2 company in Mauritius. The director can be an individual or a corporate body. There is no requirement of resident or national director.

    Can a GBC2 have access to the DTAs?

    What are the reporting requirements for a GBC2?
    Under the Finance Act 2009, a corporation holding a Category 2 Global Business License (“GBL 2”) is required to submit its financial summaries within 6 months of the balance sheet date to the FSC. Details of the identity of the promoter / beneficial owner / ultimate beneficial owner, along with an outline of company objectives must also be submitted to the FSC.

    How private is a GBC2?
    There is no public register of directors and shareholders for this type of Company.

    What is the taxation rate in Mauritius?
    A GBC 1 is a tax resident company in Mauritius and enjoys benefits under the extensive Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTAs) network of Mauritius. Income is taxable at a maximum effective rate of 3%. Mauritius GBC1 companies are exempted from capital gains tax, withholding tax, inheritance tax and stamp duties.

    Mauritius GBC2 companies are not tax resident in Mauritius and therefore cannot benefit from the DTA network. It is exempt from paying taxes in Mauritius.

    Are there any restrictions for choosing companies name?
    A company’s name is not acceptable if it falls under any of the following:

    • Identical or similar to any existing company.
    • Any name that Registrar considers undesirable.
    • A name that implies illegal activities.
    • A name that implies royal, state or government patronage.
    • Some names or their derivatives ( like building society, savings, loans, banks, investment funds, trust, royal, municipal, investment fund, building society, assurance, reinsurance, state, insurance, fund management, university, asset management, Chamber of Commerce, chartered, cooperative, government, imperial, etc) require Registrar consent or a license.