A limited partnership may be set up in Mauritius to carry on any lawful business in Mauritius and/or from Mauritius with persons outside Mauritius, with a view to making profits. This structure combines the features of both a company and a partnership. It offers a flexible vehicle that is suited to carry out investment activities. It must have at least one general partner who is liable for all debts and obligations of the partnership and at least one limited partner who is liable for debts and obligations only up to the maximum amount of his commitment. General partners may elect for the limited partnership to have a legal personality.

Limited partnerships in Mauritius are governed by the Limited Partnerships Act 2011. There must be a partnership agreement that is binding upon the partners, setting out the affairs of the partnership and the conduct of its business.

An application for the set up of a domestic limited partnership is made to the Registrar of Limited Partnerships in Mauritius. Where a limited partnership conducts a major part of its business outside Mauritius, it shall submit an application to the Financial Services Commission for a Global Business Licence. A limited partnership is required to have its registered office and a registered agent in Mauritius and a Management Company where it holds a Global Business Licence.

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