Domestic Companies

A domestic company in Mauritius is governed by The Companies Act 2001 which provides for several types and categories of companies.

Mauritius Domestic Companies are subject to tax at the uniform rate of 15%.

The main characteristics of a domestic company are:

  • The company is under no obligation to adopt a constitution
  • There is no minimum stated capital required
  • One (1) resident director should be appointed by the domestic company
  • A minimum of one (1) shareholder (individual or corporate) is required- the shareholder can be a non-resident
  • The principal place of business is mauritius and would require a trade licence from the local authorities
  • A domestic company has to submit an annual tax declaration to the mauritius revenue authority (MRA).
  • Quarterly tax declaration ‘advance payment system’ (APS) submissions will be required for any domestic company with an annual turnover exceeding Rs.2 millions (usd 66k)
  • VAT registration of company is compulsory for any domestic company with turnover exceeding Rs. 2 millions.
  • A corporate social responsibility (CSR) tax of 2% is applicable to chargeable income of domestic companies.

There are various schemes and incentives available for domestic companies in the following sectors:

  • Textile and Clothing Sector
  • Industrial Diversification
  • Information and Communication technology Cluster
  • Knowledge Industry
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Freeport Sector
  • Fish and Marine Projects