Foreign companies

A foreign company is an entity registered in Mauritius for the continuation of its parent’s business activity. This structure is commonly known as a branch. As such, the foreign company will be dealing with Mauritian residents through the branch, by establishing its principal place of business in Mauritius. As such, the branch will be conducting business in Mauritius on behalf of the parent company. This will enable the parent company to exercise control over the branch.

A branch must:

  • Have a registered office address where the correspondences, bank statements, constitutive and other administrative documents are kept; and
  • Appoint two authorised representatives who are resident in Mauritius and who would be answerable for doing such acts, matters and things as are required to be done by the branche.

The branch will be taxed in its country of incorporation on its consolidated accounts which will include profit or loss from the Mauritius branch. A tax rate of 15% will be applicable on profit made by a branch in Mauritius.