A Global Business Category 2 Company (GBC 2) can undertake any business or activity so long as it holds a Category 2 Global Business Licence issued by FSC and conducts business with non Mauritian residents and in non Mauritian currency. The GBC 2 Company is exempt from Income Tax and cannot benefit from double taxation treaties.

A GBC2 enjoys a flexible legal regime. Companies that are engaged in invoicing, marketing and international trading activities will often use a GBC2 structure.

The GBC 2 structure allows for it to be used as a Special Purpose Vehicle internationally. A GBC2 can also be used for treasury management and hedging in various currencies and can also hold assets and act as an investment company for high net worth individuals.

A GBC2 can be used in combination with offshore trusts to provide for flexibility and confidentiality of ultimate beneficial owners. It acts as a holding company so that it will not be liable to any tax in Mauritius but can still have its board meetings held overseas.

Continuation from other jurisdictions as GBC 2 is permissible in Mauritius.

Business Activities not permitted for GBC2:

  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Carrying out the business of holding or managing or otherwise dealing with a collective investment fund or scheme as a professional functionary
  • Provision of registered office facilities, nominee service, directorship services, secretarial services or other services for corporations
  • Providing trusteeship services by way of business.